Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stars Contest - Vote for Team Cheddar

I'm asking for votes for my miniature reproduction quilt: Cheddar Stars Over Moab  (scroll down to see picture).
 Voting is open now until early Monday morning 12/3/12 about 8 a.m.  Here's the link
But since so many of my followers have already seen that quilt, I want to share a few other cheddar stars with you as a thank you for reading and voting.
Antique Sunburst or Sunflower Quilt, circa 1860 from Pennsylvania

Antique Compass Star Quilt, circa 1880 probably Southern US

THE Contest Quilt:  Cheddar Stars Over Moab, 20 x 24"
Here's a shot of the beginning of the grueling fabric selection process including a few blocks that didn't make the final cut.  I need to turn those into a mini mini quilt, I guess.
And another behinds the scenes shot of the quest to find the perfect fabrics.  That is the original antique 1890 Ohio/variable star underneath the fabric applicants.
Thank you for reading and voting

Friday, October 26, 2012

Batik Tulips - Bloggers Quilt Festival #46

Update: contest voting has begun: 
1st --Vote now for your #1 overall favorite quilt (hope it is my Batik Tulips, entry #46).
Click here to see photos and links to all the quilts and click on the star below your favorite quilt pic.

2nd --Click here to nominate quilts for individual merit awards, ie best bed quilt.  I suggest applique, hand quilting, and wall hanging for my quilt #46.  Open thru Nov. 4. 
3rd  -- nominations will be counted and top 5 quilts in each category with then go to a final vote. Nov. 5-8

So without further ado  -- Here's my newest project - a reproduction of a 1930's quilt that I modernized with the use of bright vibrant batiks.  Made for the 2012 American Quilt Study Group - Colonial Revival Quilts of the 1920's and 30's Study Challenge.  I'm excited to announce that it will be published in a book next year by the Kansas City Star/ Pickle Dish Company.  The book will also include a wonderful pickle dish/wedding ring quilt made by my talented sister Donna which is part of the Challenge Traveling collection.

"Tulip Stars-- Batik Makeover Edition"
*28" x 28 "
*Hand applique and hand quilting
*Quilted by Sandra Starley
*Best category – Applique Quilt, Hand Quilted, Wall hanging
Here's the 1930's inspiration quilt with the kit quilt center and a unique tulip border that was not part of the original pattern.
Close up of the first block
And this is the quilt I made for the 2010 Quilt Study- 19th Century Stars.  It is shown in the current issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine on newsstands now.
Thanks again to Amy for hosting this great exhibit.  Click on the logo to see a good overview of what is happening now in the quilting world.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tiptoe through the Tulips - AQSG Quilt Studies

Tulip Stars - Batik Makeover Edition  28 x 28"

Here's a preview of my reproduction quilt for the 2012 American Quilt Study Group - Quilt Study "Colonial Revival Quilts of the 1920's and 30's." Every 2 years the AQSG announces a study topic and members reproduce an antique or vintage quilt that matches the guidelines. 2010 was 19th Century Stars (any star quilt from the 1800's that we had permission to reproduce). The resulting quilts are exhibited at the annual seminar and then a selected group tours through the US stopping at major museums and quilt show. This year's required a 1920 or 30's quilt and I choose an interesting tulip design purchased for this challenge.

Here is my vintage inspiration, a 1930's kit quilt called Mountain Star by Home Needlecraft Creations. I have since found several versions but this is the only one with the funky giant tulip border. I think a later quilter found the original quilt and decided to jazz it up. I decided that I also wanted to do a fun border and choose a piano key with the bright bold batiks.
Here's a close-up of the first block.

And here is my 2010 quilt Cheddar Stars over Moab that is shown in the newest issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine in an excellent article about the 2010 Quilt Study.  It is also patterned in the Kansas City Star Book about the study:  19th Century Stars.  It is a terrific book and also features my sister Donna's Cheddar LeMoyne Star.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This spring's project: a quilt for the Arts and Old Lace Challenge

"Literally Challenging"  Another one of my 'wordy' quilts.
18" x 18", machine foundation pieced (my own patterns)
Arts and Old Lace Challenge

I used lots of decorative stitches on my machine to add decoration and quilting at the same time.  The suiting fabrics esp. had such a crazy quilt feel that at my Mom's suggestion I added crazy quilt fans to the corners. 

An original design.  Obviously inspired by the challenge title.  Part of my series of "word play" quilts -- quilts that have something to say.  The name also notes the very challenging nature of the fabrics - much more difficult to sew than my beloved cotton.s

I used fabric ONLY from the 2 salesman sample books:  one with formal Italian suitings, the other with light summery woven (more than 105 different fabrics were used in the 18 inch quilt).  I used the challenge packet lace for the "&" but added 2 vintage laces from my Mom's stash.  She also found the woven coat binding - the perfect finishing touch.
Here's the challenge packet:

And here's a detail of the quilting:

The exhibit opened on July 21st at Artistic Artifacts, Alexandria, Virginia and the 87 quilts from 80 artists will be on display there until the end of September.  The exhibit will then travel to various locations.
Contact Cyndi Souder for information on how to get the quilts shown at your quilt show, museum, art gallery, etc.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feel the Heat

My Corner of the World,  made for the 2006 Journal Quilt Project - a special exhibit shown at the Houston International Quilt Show.  Page sized, part of my miniature Moab, Utah  landscape series.

It is over a 100 degrees almost everywhere in Utah today and I think this quilt captures the feeling of HOT, HOT, HOT!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Applique Posies - Blogger Quilt Festival

A favorite spring and fall event, is the Bloggers' Quilt Festival run by Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side (a fellow Utah blogging quilter).  I'm sharing my recently completed quilt, made/donated for the 2013 Pilgrim Roy Invitational Challenge (fundraiser for the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky).  It was recently displayed in Paducah and will be traveling to other AQS shows over the next year.  Here's block one (before quilting) :

And the full quilt, Pennsylvania Posies for Paducah:
40 x 40", Completed 2012
Original Design
Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted
Donation to National Quilt Museum
It is a reproduction/adaptation of several antique quilts in my collection and inspired by my favorite Pennsylvania German colors. 

Here is one of the inspiration blocks.  You can click on my earlier 2012 entries to read/see more of the antique inspirations.

Click on the words below (not the logo) to see all the other quilts in the armchair quilt festival

Friday, April 27, 2012

Antique Quilts Re-making Their Way to Paducah

Pennsylvania Posies for Paducah
40" x 40",  2012
Hand appliqued, hand quilted
Double Woo hoo.  My quilt for the 2013 Pilgrim Roy Invitational Challenge is now on display in Paducah, Kentucky at the American Quilter's Society Show.  More about this quilt in a minute... The other thrill is my cheddar star repro was juried into the miniature category at the prestigious AQS Show which is quite an honor. 
Cheddar Stars Over Moab, 2010
19" x 24"
Paperpieced, hand quilted

This quilt was made for the 2010 American Quilt Study Group, 19th Century Stars Challenge and was patterned in the Stars book published by Kansas City Star. Click here to see another version of this quilt and the 1890's antique inspiration quilt.

Now back to the Pilgrim Roy Quilt:
It was inspired by several antique quilts in my collection. And you can see more about the challenge by looking at my posts from earlier this year. After the show, the quilts will travel to other quilt shows in the US and then will be auctioned off next April at the 2013 National Quilt Museum fundraiser Auction. 
This quilt was hand appliqued and then the applique flowers and baskets were stuffed for a trapunto effect.  While the borders/ major seams were machine quilted, the applique motifs and blocks were hand quilted.  The Legacy wool batting was a dream to quilt through and even with heavier thread I was getting about 10 stitches per inch without (hardly) trying.

 Click here and here to read about the challenge and my creative process and see all the antique quilts that inspired this project.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Antique Crib Quilt- Whig Rose and Birds

Just a very quick post to share a quilt that is sure to give you a smile.  A crib quilt, Whig Rose that is 34" square and yes that makes the border birds delightful and TEENY.  Their tail feathers are only an 1/8 of an inch wide.  It is from about 1860.  ENJOY.
Antique Crib Quilt 34 X 34 inches

And here are a few more quilty birds from my antique quilt collection:
Block from Virginia Crib Quilt, circa 1845
(more info on this blog, search crib quilt or Virginia)

Detail from 1860 Rose of Sharon Quilt

Detail from 1860 New York Basket Quilt
More info on my other blog

Thanks for visiting and I love to hear comments.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Antique Quilt Make-Over: Choices, Choices and More choices

I think this is my favorite arrangement  and then my 2nd choice

I think I like having a 3 and a 4 stemmed flower on each horizontal row (see above) rather than 3 next to 3 like these two examples

And just for giggles, down and up       OR  up and down
(Don't think I can handle either of these arrangements.)

And now to decide about inner sashing or whether to put a floral applique in the center???  And what about inner border?  outer border?  Do I want to do a red, green and cheddar zigzag triangle border, like on this antique applique quilt?  I would do it in a larger scale  but the nice thing about this zigzag is it is all triangles and could be paper pieced.

Or do I want to make a big zigzag like this one, found on an amazing Bethlehem Star with Lilies from PA -- again see the Pennsylvania color scheme that keeps inspiring me.  Problem with this one, is I'll have to figure out how to piece it and I don't know if I can paperpiece it?

 Or maybe I will just do a big flying geese border?  Any suggestions???

Antique Quilt Makeover PA Style Part 4

Block 4 is done !!!!

Now to figure out how to put the four blocks together, sashing, additional applique in center,
border(s)????  Just when it seemed like I was making progress?

The inspiration for the 4th block came from the border of a wonderful cockscomb and currant quilt (an antique quilt) from circa 1850.
I decided to eliminate the center so that the block would better match with the other 4 stemmed block.  I also deleted the basket handles for the same reason.

And drumroll................................ here are all 4 blocks together (in one possible combo).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Antique Quilt Makeover PA Style Part 3

Woo hoo.  Block 3 of my challenge quilt is done!  Only one more to go.  I think these flowers look very happy and almost like they are waving hello.  This block was adapted from a little basket that is part of my circa 1845 antique crib quilt from Virginia.  Here is the original block with a bird being shot by cupid's arrow (very appropriate for Valentine's Day):

And here is my prior reproduction of the full block:
Scroll down or click  to see block 1 and block 2.
Here are all 3 together:

  And some more Pennsylvania quilt inspiration, a circa 1880 rolling stone signature quilt from Berks/Lehigh Co. PA:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Antique Makeover PA Style, Part 2

Block 2 of my current challenge quilt (reproducing several antique quilts).  See prior post for the 1st block, challenge fabrics and inspirations.

This block is an adaptation of 2 different basket blocks.  My main inspiration was a circa 1860, 9 block whig rose, rose of sharon or democrat rose quilt with a great floral basket border part of my antique quilt collection.

I wasn't super fond of the center flower so I substituted the center of an elaborate  4 block Pot of Flowers quilt, circa 1875, also part of my collection.

Here's a close-up from the Whig Rose, Rose of Sharon, enjoy!  Check out the amazing intense quilting.  Triple line, triple rod quilting, very close.

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