Sunday, February 26, 2012

Antique Quilt Makeover PA Style Part 4

Block 4 is done !!!!

Now to figure out how to put the four blocks together, sashing, additional applique in center,
border(s)????  Just when it seemed like I was making progress?

The inspiration for the 4th block came from the border of a wonderful cockscomb and currant quilt (an antique quilt) from circa 1850.
I decided to eliminate the center so that the block would better match with the other 4 stemmed block.  I also deleted the basket handles for the same reason.

And drumroll................................ here are all 4 blocks together (in one possible combo).


  1. Are you going to make patterns for these blocks?

  2. YES, there will be a pattern for this quilt. Thanks for asking.


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