Tuesday, January 31, 2012

antique makeover revisited PA style

Here is the first needle turn applique block in my latest challenge quilt.  I'm making a four block quilt with 4 different floral basket/vase blocks.  The designs are adaptions from 4 antique quilts in my collection.
This block is the 2nd time I have borrowed the basket border design from my antique princess feather quilt.  See my prior post for my first quilt using this basket design.

Here are the 6 challenge fabrics plus my 2 optional fabrics.  I picked the double pink and the yellow/ gold (close to a cheddar).  

I think I've been influenced by 19th century Pennsylvania German quilts.  I'd venture to say, I was a bit directed by the quilt that I've been  studying recently.  It is a dated 1842, signature presentation quilt from Easton, PA.

While most 19th c. applique quilts had white or off-white backgrounds, PA German quilts often had colored grounds in yellow/cheddar or blue or pink.  PA pieced quilts also seem to have a freer use of pink as a neutral ground.  Here's a Rocky Road from Lancaster Co., PA.
Hope you enjoyed seeing what I'm working on now and my antique influences.
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