American Quilter's Society certified quilt appraiser, trained and certified in the appraisal of antique, vintage and newly made quilts including art quilts.  Appraisals are written for insurance, fair market and donation/estate values.

A written appraisal describes your quilt: its age, fabrics, colors, pattern, quilting design, condition, notable points, workmanship and value. This information allows you to properly insure your quilt so you can replace it with a comparable quilt if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. An appraisal allows a lost quilt to be valued properly and not treated like an imported "blanket". 

A fair market appraisal can help guide you in valuing your quilts if you are interested in selling them.

Note that appraisals aren't just for old quilts -- with the increasing costs of materials and labor, new quilts often are valued higher than antique quilts.

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