Sunday, February 26, 2012

Antique Quilt Make-Over: Choices, Choices and More choices

I think this is my favorite arrangement  and then my 2nd choice

I think I like having a 3 and a 4 stemmed flower on each horizontal row (see above) rather than 3 next to 3 like these two examples

And just for giggles, down and up       OR  up and down
(Don't think I can handle either of these arrangements.)

And now to decide about inner sashing or whether to put a floral applique in the center???  And what about inner border?  outer border?  Do I want to do a red, green and cheddar zigzag triangle border, like on this antique applique quilt?  I would do it in a larger scale  but the nice thing about this zigzag is it is all triangles and could be paper pieced.

Or do I want to make a big zigzag like this one, found on an amazing Bethlehem Star with Lilies from PA -- again see the Pennsylvania color scheme that keeps inspiring me.  Problem with this one, is I'll have to figure out how to piece it and I don't know if I can paperpiece it?

 Or maybe I will just do a big flying geese border?  Any suggestions???

Antique Quilt Makeover PA Style Part 4

Block 4 is done !!!!

Now to figure out how to put the four blocks together, sashing, additional applique in center,
border(s)????  Just when it seemed like I was making progress?

The inspiration for the 4th block came from the border of a wonderful cockscomb and currant quilt (an antique quilt) from circa 1850.
I decided to eliminate the center so that the block would better match with the other 4 stemmed block.  I also deleted the basket handles for the same reason.

And drumroll................................ here are all 4 blocks together (in one possible combo).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Antique Quilt Makeover PA Style Part 3

Woo hoo.  Block 3 of my challenge quilt is done!  Only one more to go.  I think these flowers look very happy and almost like they are waving hello.  This block was adapted from a little basket that is part of my circa 1845 antique crib quilt from Virginia.  Here is the original block with a bird being shot by cupid's arrow (very appropriate for Valentine's Day):

And here is my prior reproduction of the full block:
Scroll down or click  to see block 1 and block 2.
Here are all 3 together:

  And some more Pennsylvania quilt inspiration, a circa 1880 rolling stone signature quilt from Berks/Lehigh Co. PA:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Antique Makeover PA Style, Part 2

Block 2 of my current challenge quilt (reproducing several antique quilts).  See prior post for the 1st block, challenge fabrics and inspirations.

This block is an adaptation of 2 different basket blocks.  My main inspiration was a circa 1860, 9 block whig rose, rose of sharon or democrat rose quilt with a great floral basket border part of my antique quilt collection.

I wasn't super fond of the center flower so I substituted the center of an elaborate  4 block Pot of Flowers quilt, circa 1875, also part of my collection.

Here's a close-up from the Whig Rose, Rose of Sharon, enjoy!  Check out the amazing intense quilting.  Triple line, triple rod quilting, very close.

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