Antique Quilt Classes

I love making miniature reproduction quilts from my antique quilt collection.

CHEDDAR STARS OVER MOAB (20" x 24")  (1/2 - all day)
Inspired by an antique circa 1890 cheddar orange Variable Star quilt. You can choose between making a miniature version (3" blocks) with reproduction fabrics or a funky wall quilt (5" blocks) using modern fabrics. Both are paper-pieced and a lot of fun. So choose your fabrics/style and your block size and get to work. You will learn tips for making accurate reproductions and also for updating antique designs a la the Modern Quilt Movement. You also learn about drafting and paper piecing free form floating stars (that means the points aren't supposed to match - so the pressure is off). 

VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS (17" x 17") (all day)
Inspired by a charming antique crib quilt from Virginia, circa 1850.  The original was clearly made for a well loved child.  Yes, the little flower baskets are only 1 1/2" inches high but they are do-able, taking it one stitch at a time and starting with the golden heart and tulips to get in the applique groove.

TULIP STARS - BATIK MAKEOVER EDITION (28" x 28")  (1/2 - all day)
An updated version of a 1930's kit quilt done in batiks instead of the pastels of the past.  The pattern has been been subtly simplified to increase the fun without losing the design's visual impact.  Hand applique.  The border gives you a chance to make a dent in your batik collection.
PENNSYLVANIA POSIES FOR PADUCAH (40" x 40") (1/2 - all day)
Inspired by several quilts in my collection and made using the Pilgrim Roy Challenge fabrics, I added the cheddar orange to the pink and red to create the PA German palette that makes me smile.  Hand applique and paper pieced sashing.   This folk art pattern is a delight to make and display. 
THINGS ARE LOOKING UP (16" x 16") (1/2 day)
An unusual 9 patch arrow block inspired this fun little miniature.  The blocks are 3" and are paper pieced.  Yes, that makes the corner block center arrows one inch but you'll be amazed that you can really make these handily with paper piecing.  I'll guide you through it and you'll be ready to tackle other miniature projects.
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