Friday, March 13, 2009

Guest Blogger

I'm a guest blogger on quilting gallery and I've written about my quilt appraising and collecting and quilt history along with photos. I also discuss my own quilt history, my new quilts and classes plus a bit about me and my family. Click on guest blogger above or on the guest blogger logo block to the right.

There is also a give away on the gallery; two people who leave comments there will win one of my patterns so please go read and comment and then come right back. To see some of my designs click on PATTERNS. And don't forget to see my antique quilt/quilt history blog

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Folk Art Applique

16 x 16 Hand Appliqued, Hand Quilted

Folk art -art made by us folks- doesn't have to follow stuffy rules like size or scale. It is okay to make a giant sunflower and a cat as big as a purple house. Sewn with a running/gather top stitch that adds a decorative detail to the appliques. It is relaxing to not worry about hiding stitches. I will be teaching this class on April 3rd at Elaine's Quilt Block in Salt Lake City, Utah. Click here to see another quilt using this technique--I'll be teaching both designs at Elaine's along with an antique quilt study class on the 4th. I'll also be doing quilt appraisals. Come join me.

1860's Quilt Extreme Makeover

I adapted the basket border from an 1860's red and green princess feather applique quilt, turned it into a four block design and gave it a color makeover. I think the woman who made it would be glad her design still works but would be a bit surprised with the black, white and hot pink color scheme.
Hand appliqued and hand quilted.
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