Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tiptoe through the Tulips - AQSG Quilt Studies

Tulip Stars - Batik Makeover Edition  28 x 28"

Here's a preview of my reproduction quilt for the 2012 American Quilt Study Group - Quilt Study "Colonial Revival Quilts of the 1920's and 30's." Every 2 years the AQSG announces a study topic and members reproduce an antique or vintage quilt that matches the guidelines. 2010 was 19th Century Stars (any star quilt from the 1800's that we had permission to reproduce). The resulting quilts are exhibited at the annual seminar and then a selected group tours through the US stopping at major museums and quilt show. This year's required a 1920 or 30's quilt and I choose an interesting tulip design purchased for this challenge.

Here is my vintage inspiration, a 1930's kit quilt called Mountain Star by Home Needlecraft Creations. I have since found several versions but this is the only one with the funky giant tulip border. I think a later quilter found the original quilt and decided to jazz it up. I decided that I also wanted to do a fun border and choose a piano key with the bright bold batiks.
Here's a close-up of the first block.

And here is my 2010 quilt Cheddar Stars over Moab that is shown in the newest issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine in an excellent article about the 2010 Quilt Study.  It is also patterned in the Kansas City Star Book about the study:  19th Century Stars.  It is a terrific book and also features my sister Donna's Cheddar LeMoyne Star.



  1. Interesting to have a challenge like you participated in. A very modern version and well done. I hope you will have photos of what others have done.

  2. Loved the tiptoe tulip pattern. We to Pinterest. Where can I find a place to buy the pattern? Your work is an inspiration

    1. Thank you, Lou. Nice to hear that you love it. The pattern is available on my etsy shop.


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