Saturday, August 2, 2008

Moab Summer Quilt

Want to feel the heat of a Moab summer, here it is in quilt form. This is my corner of the world. Hand appliqued, hand quilted. Made for Houston quilt show 2006 Journal Quilt Project and shown there and in Chicago and Mass. Currently on exhibit at the Springville Museum of Art annual quilt show.


  1. Hi!
    Today I'm creating labels for the ATCs in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition but I can't resist sneaking a peek into some of the blogs while I work. I'm so glad I looked in on your wonderful blog. Congratulations on your certification. Love the Moab summer quilt too! Thanks for sharing and especially for trading with me!
    CYBER FYBER and also

  2. What a wonderful piece. I miss Moab.

    Hmmmm. I'll have to come visit some time.

  3. Wonderful! my husband and I spent a week in Moab last year camping and plan on going back sometime this year - it was a great place and we loved all the hiking trails in the parks.


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