Monday, May 19, 2008

It is Official: I'm a Certified Quilt Appraiser

I haven't posted for two months as I've been quite busy. In April, I traveled to Paducah, Kentucky for the American Quilter's Society Appraiser certification classes and testing. It was quite a stressful and exhausting and wonderful experience and I am now the first AQS certified quilt appraiser in Central/southern Utah (one of the first two in Utah) . There are about 92 in the entire United States. I am very honored to join this highly esteemed group and very excited about where this will take me in my quilt appraising trek.

I want to publicly thank my family for all their support, especially my sister who traveled with me and made sure things went smoothly in Paducah. Thanks for the power lunch of deep fried Snickers bar.


  1. congratulations! Wow!!!!
    This is something I have been considering doing, would love to talk to you about the process and your journey in accomplishing this.

  2. Congrads, Sandra...thanks for sharing your insurance/appraiser knowledge on my blog. See you at Utah Fest in September


  3. It sounds like it is a difficult process - I have heard several people say they want to do this and then hear of the testing involved and forget about it. congratulations


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