Thursday, February 8, 2007


Here is the 3rd set of postcards I sent for the H2H project. Btw, sorry about the text on the previous posting. I love the crazy cats and thought they were perfect for Valentine's Day. The orange flowers and the heart are scrapbooking brads. I also used them on the heart card below. I've never tried them before but I think they are great and I'll probably use them on quilts in the future.

My friend A.M. who is a also a fiber artist (paper) generously made and donated 12 cards for H2H, thank you. I'll see if I can get scans and post those also.

If you want to donate cards, Karey is now gathering Mother's Day cards for wounded soldiers to send to their moms. What a great idea- making these cards is addictive.


  1. They look like your work, bright and whimsical! What kind of yarn did you use around the edge? I got some to try that, and it didn't work- went flat and weird.

    BTW, I redid my link to your blog, and it worked fine for me. Hope that means it works well for the rest of the world!

  2. Thanks. The reddish yarn is Bernat Bling Bling and the multi color is Lion Boucle. You can get them at Michaels or Walmart. I've been using an open toe foot to apply them on the edge.

  3. These are fun! How did you get the different color background on your blog?

  4. To get the color, sign in on blogger & at dashboard/manage blog
    click on layout & then fonts & colors.


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