Monday, January 29, 2007


Here are the 2 postcards I've made (so far) for Karey Bresenhan's Heart2Heart project which will be delivering fabric Valentines to wounded soldiers in military hospitals. I worried that they were too cute and not artsy enough but finally decided to get them done as the point is to brighten the day of those who need the cheer. So now to get busy and make several more.


  1. I think you are absolutely right...they are more about making someone's day. And these are really going to fit the bill. Sometimes, cute and happy is enough.
    Jacki (from quiltart)

  2. just read your post on the QA list and had to take a peak at your postcards...they are darling and you have inspired me to get mine done tonight!!!

  3. I've no doubt they will be greatly appreciated!! Keep it up!

  4. They are perfect! I think we all spend way too much time worrying about our work being labeled as "art", "craft", ect. They will be weel received & appreciated!


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